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In 2018, There are more than 30 Million Indian guest workers working in the US and another 20-40 Million Indians working from India for US companies, organizations and government agencies.

This site is a voice for the American worker. One person one vote.

“...While corporations and human beings share many of the same rights under the law, they clearly are not bound equally to the same codes of good conduct, decency and morality, and they are not held equally accountable for their sins. Indeed, it is truly ironic that the death penalty and hell are reserved only to natural persons." -Montana Justice James C. Nelson .

Read this report taken after 20 years of damage to the US White Collar work force.

AFLCIO Study in 2009:


L1  Statistics (Inter-agency guest worker transfers)

500,000 to 700,000 guest workers per year!

197,000  H1B Approvals in 2017

USCIS  U.S. Government Statistics

GAO:  Report to Congressional Offices on H-1B Visa Program

Millions H-1B Visa and temporary “guest” college displacement workers, remain in the United States INDEFINITELY past 6 years for anyone that applies for (and may never receive)  a green card.  President Barak Obama issued an executive order allowing “guest workers” to remain in the country indefinitely once they applied and received stage 1 approval for their green card application.

41,525 H-4 visas issued in 2016 alone.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports (and tweets) some potentially big news: The Trump (@realDonaldTrump) administration plans on reversing an Obama-era rule that granted work permits to 41,526 spouses of H-1B workers in FY2016 alone.

    These spouses were then released to work in the technology sector and were trained to replace their US citien counterparts.  There is no expiration on these non-immigrant visas.

    According to The Times of India, the Administration's aim was to give work permits to high-skilled spouses,"mainly from the science and tech category". The rule was announced while efforts to expand the H-1B program were stalled in Congress.

The rule is a way for companies to get around the H-1B cap.

    According to a lawsuit filed in 2015 by American workers who were fired after training their replacements, H-4 holders were being sought on engineering job boards (see Julie Gutierrez's story).

    The Chronicle's story indicates that there will be a large push by the Tech Lobby to keep the rule in place. American workers need to make their voices heard.

EPI Study: Business Wrong to Claim Need for More Workers

Quote from the Washington Post and NumbersUSA

"...the United States now has the third-lowest participation rate for ALL ADULTS including and especially recent high school and college graduates, among the world's developed countries.

"In other words, Greece, Slovenia and Turkey have a larger share of men in their workforces than the United States does."

Since this article,  The Washington Post was bought by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.  You may never see complete reporting on behalf of US workers again.

There is no labor shortage that requires more immigration and guest workers.

TN, H1B and L Visas have forced millions of Tech Workers on Welfare.

Is it Good For America:  for American citizens to interview with Indian companies in India to fight for their lives to be hired by Indian companies to work for American companies in the United States?

You don't have to be an economics professor to know that bringing in millions of workers is not "an economic boon" to the workers already here. (If only we could bring in millions of workers to compete for Cantor's job.) - quote from Ann Coulter  -- Dave Brat, economics professor, challenging the amnesty-addled Eric Cantor in Virginia's 7th Congressional District. (Primary: June 10, 2014)


Speak to your Congresspeople and Senators.   Tell them that “Paid Prioritization of the Internet” will lead to denial of free speech, including this web site.  The high level backbone service providers are lobbying Congress ( most people don’t understand what this will lead to).   They are relentlessly pushing legislation with Congress to remove regulation by the US Government meant to make sure basic rights on the Internet are preserved.   Tell you representatives to keep the internet regulated as a public utility.  Time is of the essence.



The Constitution does not say: We, The Multi-National Corporations or Even WE THE MASS MEDIA OF THE UNITED STATES (owned by a very few people). We transcend political party lines. We believe the politicians will follow when the American people lead.  Do not allow BILL GATES or any one person or group to own major media outlets exclusively!

How did the very small demographic of wealthy and politically connected people gain control over our thinking and ultimately our votes?

Our three goals:   End most (or all) lobbying.  End super PACs.  Closely monitor and report on Temporary Work Visas, but re-examining “FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS” and eliminating the current  misuse and abuse of H1Bs, TNs and L1s.


FREE TRADE IS GOOD FOR AMERICA - Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

She intends by that statement to justify bringing in millions of temporary workers to take the jobs away from American citizens.

The Free Trade EXPLANATION is being substituted for jobs....there is not a free exchange of jobs.  And workers are only supposed to be allowed jobs when there are not Americans to do the job. But most American voters do not know that WORKER VISAS DO NOT REQUIRE THAT COMPANIES LOOK FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS FIRST.  We are one of the few nations on the planet that allow this to happen. CHINA AND INDIA DO NOT AND ARE INDEED VERY PROTECTIVE OF THEIR JOBS.

NAFTA and Free Trade Agreements are not doing as designed.  It’s a bad deal for American citizens.  And efforts to enforce the temporary worker visa programs are blocked in Congress.  Instead, Americans by the tens of millions have lost their jobs to make corporate America including Wall Street, politicians, and lawyers much wealthier.

Trade is increased, but the cost in jobs is monstrous.  In 2010, More than ONE MILLION Temporary Visas were reportedly issued.  The true numbers are probably much higher. There are so many types of Visas that are never reported on.  Why does the mainstream press focus on H1B Visas which account for 65,000 temporary workers per year.  H1B actually makes some sense, when used properly.  WHEN USED PROPERLY.

The debate on television and in the press is focused on H1B visas not the TN or L1 or many other types of Visas.  Even visa types that were meant to allow visitors to attend conferences are being used to bring in workers.

The major press channels do not report accurately.  Who owns the press?  MSNBC, CNBC, Bill Gates.


FAIR Report, Jobs Americans Can’t Do? The Myth of a Skilled Worker Shortage, Nov. 2011)

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Senate Democrats Vote to Increase U Visas

Last Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee in a 10-8 party-line voted to expand the U visa program as part of legislation to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), S. 1925. Specifically, S. 1925 would significantly increase the annual number of U visas by permitting the “recapture” of thousands unused visas from prior years.

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Obama Administration to Help Visa Holders Find Jobs

The Department of Homeland Security announced last week it intends to issue regulations in the coming months to amend several visa programs in order to help aliens find jobs in the U.S. or keep the jobs they have.

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